Creating winning partnerships

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Are you an Instructor, Training Centre or other marine-related professional or organisation? Register for our partnership scheme and work with the best online training provider.


  • Earn generous commissions or secure discounts for your customers or members
    You can earn money on referrals or register students for a discounted price and pass it on to your customers.
  • Full access to course content (we wouldn’t ask you to recommend something you didn’t know was amazing!)
    If you already hold the qualification, you will have access to all the course modules; if you haven’t, we’ll give you a deeply discounted price to get qualified whilst earning from referrals.
  • Fully automated tracking and monitoring of earnings
    Our automated tracking allows you to send customers our way, and we take care of the rest. If they enrol on a course, you’ll get your commission up to a year after you send them.
  • Assets to help you promote course services
    We provide assets, URLs and even a QR code to make it super easy to send people our way, fully tracked. You can even create campaigns and monitor what’s working best for you.
  • Lifetime commissions on introductions made
    Once you introduce a customer, they are yours – forever. If they buy more from us later, you’ll get your commission from the future sale.
  • Free enrollment for your customers
    The only provider who provides a free membership level, so you can pass anyone our way and if they upgrade to a paid course, you get paid.
  • No risks for you
    Signing up for our partnership has absolutely no risk attached. You’re not obliged to do anything, but the more you do, the more you can earn.

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You can see answers to some frequently asked questions below.

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None! You can sign up for our partnership without obligation to promote our courses (much as we’d like you to!)

You’ll still get access to our free partner resources, such as downloads and videos you can use for your own instruction.

Each paid course enrollment qualifies for commission. The amount varies depending on the course.*

You choose what you do with the commission. You can pass it on to your customers or club members as a discount, keep it yourself or a combination of the two.

For example, you could sell a combined theory & practical course and use some of the commission to offer a ‘discounted rate’ or ‘value-for-money’ offer.

* Sign up to see the commission rates we pay.

Of course! We wouldn’t ask you to recommend something you weren’t 100% happy with.

Anyone can sign up for a 48-hour trial, and if you are qualified to the level or higher than the course, you can have permanent access.

If you don’t already hold the qualification (or higher), we offer deeply discounted rates for our partners. This includes anyone linked with your organisation.

Absolutely! Full transparency of all traffic and referrals.

The partner dashboard gives you access to all the activity of your referrals. You’ll see how many people have landed on the site and who’s converted into paying customers.

One of our future developments is providing access to see any referred students’ course progress.

We process our partner payments for the previous month on the 1st day of the next. Any referred customer earnings are included 14 days after receipt of cleared funds. This allows for the 14-day online purchase cooling-off period when they can return the course pack and request a refund or any chargebacks that may occur.

We operate a first-come-first-served policy. If you send us a potential customer using any of our tracking tools, you will retain them for 365 days.

Once they sign up (by purchasing or otherwise), they will belong to you for life.

We’ve made it as flexible as possible. You can use various techniques and provided tools which make it easy.

Unique URL

All partners have a dedicated URL and code that can be used for tracking traffic. You can build unique URLs in the partner dashboard, allowing you to direct traffic to any part of the website.

Your unique URL is constructed like this:

Traffic arriving at this URL will land on our home page and be recorded as coming from you.

You can also send people to specific URLs on our website by adding the partner suffix and your unique code, for example,

You can customise the unique code in your dashboard; for example, you could change it to your organisation’s name.

Domain Tracking

As an organisation, we also track anyone coming from your domain, regardless of any tracking codes. You can register up to three domains, and any links from that source will be registered as belonging to you.